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Do you dream of a supercharged career, but lack drive? Do you want to learn new skills, but don’t have the drive to start? Do you want to study further, but need some motivation? Do you struggle with finding the purpose behind your life or career? How about a FREE jolt of inspiration everyday to help keep you focused and taking action on your life-changing dreams and goals? 
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Because let’s face it, just as much as exercise and diet are important to building a healthy body, what you feed your “success muscles” counts big-time, too!


Introducing the 21 Day Digest – your daily dose of inspiration (well, at least for 21 days). 😐

What You’ll Get

At InsideIIM, our users write some poignant, some funny and some really useful stories. And we love all of it. 😀 But the stories that really move us are about people who braved multiple odds to achieve their dreams. Stories of survivors, these renew our faith in humanity and make us believe that anything’s possible. 

From being diagnosed with multiple tumours to being born with 100% visual impairment, we have received some of the most poignant and inspirational stories of aspirants who made it to their dream b-schools despite extremely unfavourable circumstances. To inspire you to achieve the same and make it to your dream b-school in 2020 (or to achieve any dream you have), we have compiled this 21 Day Digest, where you’ll receive one story daily via email or WhatsApp. Some of these stories will leave you awe-struck, and some will leave you teary-eyed and at a loss for words. 


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