The Last Week Before CAT: The Revision Strategy To Maximize Your Score

A belling the CAT preparation is never complete without a thorough revision of your hard work. So here’s what you can do maximise your preparation in the last lap.



Distill your notes to create a 1-2 A4 sized pages write-up. It would have important formulas (only those that you consider necessary & not all the formulas on a topic say Geometry). Along with those formulas keep a maximum one liner hint to the troubling questions so as to create a mental map of formulas & associated tricks.



Revisit your problem sets in detail, and jot their key twists in one or two lines. Now most of the problem sets are variants of a particular type. For instance the seating arrangement problems, so keep all the seating arrangement twists under one head. Again this entire process should take max 1-2 sheets.



Well, the good news is that in Verbal there is never much to revise. In this section your mocks analysis & the errors you made therein is critical. So apart from the basic theory revision, identify the recurring theme of your errors in mocks. If there is no pattern, even then there are no issues. Generally, in Verbal section, our strike rate of correct answers/questions attempted remains constant.


Summing it up:

The above process would take 3-4 days. On the 5th & 6th day just go through your 4-5 pager write-up once or twice daily. This customised crisp write-up would help you synthesise your preparation across topics & would act as a sharp memory whetting tool to increase your speed & efficacy on the D-Day. Good Luck!!

P.S. I get a lot of questions about mocks in the last week. If you have given a sufficient number of them (15-20) then there is absolutely no need to give them. They will serve no purpose. If you haven’t given any mocks then give 3-4 mocks one each day. This is not for judging your preparation, it is just to acclimatise yourself with the test taking procedure & time management.



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