The Story Of A MICAn – Against All Odds

It’s a struggle to get into a prestigious b-school. But the struggle is not real. Burning the midnight oil, leaving a stable job, hundred of hours spent in coaching classes, and ‘n’ number of mock tests that you take. I’m sure every MBA aspirant and student can relate to this. But some MBA students manage to get into a top b-school against all odds. Visualise the austerity of earning Rs 500 a month and then making it to your dream b-school. Imagine getting accepted in your dream b-school only to realise you can’t accept the offer. The challenges faced are completely different. This struggle is real. In this video, Devendra Dave, an alumnus of MICA, documents his journey of how he went about getting into his dream b-school, bagging a PPO worth Rs 55 Lakhs and more; all from earning just Rs 500 a month. Sure, it’s a motivating story. But don’t let this just motivate you but inspire you to go beyond your circumstances.



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