"When you make good kachoris, people will buy them. You don't need to market it" - Exclusive Hangout with Prof.Ravichandran - Director of IIM Indore



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6 Must-Read Resources To Tackle DILR In CAT 2020 | Ft. Amrita Mishra, IIM Calcutta '22

DILR has always been a tricky section. It is "The Game Changer". Often people are confused about which caselets to solve, how much time should one invest in each caselet,

How Ankit Gupta Scored 99+ Percentile In QA, And How You Can Too

The CAT 2020 exam is now just a month away. Now is the time that you need to start thinking about the strategy that you want to adopt for the

IIM Raipur's Latest Selection Criteria Released, MICAT Notification Out | MBA News Ep. 25

We are now just over a month away from the CAT 2020 exam, and many IIMs have already released their respective admission policies. Now, a new IIM has also released

CAT 2020 Admit Card Will Release On 28th October | Important Things To Check

CAT 2020 Admit Cards will be released on October 28 5 PM onwards by the Indian Institutes of Management, Indore.  Candidates can download the CAT admit card by entering the

What Should You Do In The Last Month Of CAT 2020? | Amrita Mishra, IIM Calcutta '22

Hi! It’s the #onelastmonth and I know how anxious you must be feeling. I have been there last year and while everything was normal, there was still so much stress

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