"When you make good kachoris, people will buy them. You don't need to market it" - Exclusive Hangout with Prof.Ravichandran - Director of IIM Indore


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Make A Powerful First Impression During Interviews | Ft. MICAns

First impressions matter. And when in b-school, making a favorable first impression on your interviewers, colleagues, professors and alumni is super important. How do you make sure that your first

IIFT - Summer Placements - Class Of 2021

The largest-ever batch at IIFT (Delhi & Kolkata) was placed across 96 companies with average stipend seeing an upward trend. While the highest stipend remained at Rs. 3,20,000, the average

How I Said No To Marriage For My MBA Preparation Ft. Pallawi Singh | IIM Kozhikode

‘Beti baadi ho gayi hai, shaadi kab karwa rahe hai’, could be the most heard line by any Indian parent, when their daughters reach their 20s. The age is even

IIM Indore Student's Recommended Reading List For CAT Aspirants

With just 10 days left for CAT 2019, it is imperative that the candidates have a repository for the Checklists and Reference Material that can come in handy for their

How To Write SOPs For FMS - A Comprehensive Guide

The last date to submit your Statement Of Purpose (SOPs) for many institutes like FMS is fast approaching. Apart from your CAT scores, an amazing SOP can ensure that you

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