Dream Companies – Final Part – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2013

This is the sixth and the concluding part of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey 2013. You can see previous parts here

960 responses. 5 Dream companies.

We have looked at the most desirable companies across 5 domains. It is now time to give the final verdict.

These are companies thousands of students dream of working for in their early twenties. All that hard work for all those years to get that shortlist in that dream company. The pride and vanity felt when telling your school friends, your B School batch mates and your relatives – “Boss, I’ve cracked it.”

As the results will tell you, it is not just about money. All the top ranking dream companies pay handsomely. However, the perception that compensation bulldozes every other career determining factor is not true.

These recruiters have worked hard over the years and continue to do so to attract the best and the brightest. We can assure you that there is nothing serendipitous about the results below.  Some companies do know the pulse. You will also notice that companies who are dream companies on campus also maintain their reputation as dream companies among industry professionals.


Open ended question – Tell us your 5 Dream companies

A simple aggregate of responses was done.

Dream Companies

Class of 2014

We look at the Class of 2014 first as a lot of choices will be made in the next 4 months and the word cloud below gives us a clear picture.



 The larger the text in the word cloud, more the number of people who have voted for that company.

HUL, P&G, TAS, Mckinsey, BCG, Google are familiar names from last year’s survey(See here). Google has gained significantly whereas Deutsche Bank has suffered a little (Although, for people within Banking & Finance it is the most sought after company. The dream company survey is global and people who do not have B&F as their first choice career can also vote for B&F companies)

There is only one Banking & Finance name in the top 10. It tells you something about the times. The list above again highlights the dominance of FMCG, Consulting and General Management roles.

However, there is a healthy spread across companies beyond the top 6.  There is no cluster of companies that has majority of the vote share. It is a sign that the Class of 2014 is discerning in their choices and probably have a fair idea of what they want.

People in the final year of MBA also vote for those companies that they see as achievable. They are less likely to vote for companies they know they do not have a shot at in the near future.

Post MBA Industry Professionals



Google is the dream destination for industry professionals and just edges ahead of HUL. The two FMCG majors (HUL and P&G) continue their supremacy as being the most sought after recruiters even among people who have left campus some time back.

It is interesting that while there is some shifting in the ranks, the top 5 dream companies remain almost the same. Bain & Co., Microsoft and Facebook enter the dream company list for industry professionals when compared to the list of the graduating batch.

TAS loses and understandably so because you cannot become a TAS manager laterally unless you are in the TATA group and below the age of 27. The case is similar with Mahindra and ABG management trainee programmes. Deloitte and ITC are far less popular among alumni as compared to their perception among current students.

Class of 2015 and MBA Aspirants


It is fascinating that so little changes when it comes to the dream companies across segments. The same names again hit back BCG, Mckinsey, HUL, P&G, TAS.

Google is relatively less popular in this segment but still manages to be among the top few.

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