How To Have Fun In Mumbai | Part 9 Of The Mumbai Starter Kit

Moving to Mumbai for work? Or to study? You’re gonna love it! And just so you don’t feel lost or stranded in this burgeoning city, we created something special for you. Here’s introducing the Mumbai Starter Kit. Wondering how to find a home in Mumbai? Or what items you’ll need to get settled? Want to unravel the train travel conundrums out here? We’ve got you covered. 🙂 Click here to check out just what you’ll get a feel for in the Mumbai Starter Kit…

So apart from work and college, what else can you do in Mumbai? Well, lots.


You can go on a midnight cycle tour of the city. Or take a walk down the historical Colaba areas. Have coffee by the sea at Bori Bunder. Take long walks along Pali Hill in bandra. Eat vada pav, frankie or dabeli or dosa or chaat at a kahu galli. Watch a play at NCPA. Hang out at Marine Drive. Read books at Kitab Khana. Sip a cutting chai with bun maska at an Irani cafe. Go bird watching at the Borivali National Park. Sightsee Kanheri or Elephanta caves. Take the ferry to Madh island.  



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Attend a beer or chase tasting workshop. Check out Cafe Leopold so eat a gola at Juhu Beach. Check out what you can do in the city on Trell. Or in the local newspaper…



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In the next part, find out about the baarish in Mumbai.


Here’s what you get in this kit:

  • Introduction To Mumbai Starter Kit
  • How To Find Accommodation In Mumbai
  • How to Feed Yourself When Living Away From Home
  • Dressing To Impress – Mumbai Style
  • Shopping Destinations in Mumbai
  • How To Train Travel In Mumbai
  • Don’t Drink & Drive – Local Travel In Mumbai
  • How To Have Fun In Mumbai – I
  • How To Have Fun In Mumbai – II
  • How To Beat The Rains In Bombay
  • Festival Time In Mumbai

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