HUL, Aditya Birla Group, Edelweiss and Paytm are Live Chatting on InsideIIM

Starting tonight at 10 pm we have a packed LIVE Chat schedule for you. Some of the most sought after recruiters will interact with top talent in India through our LIVE Chat platform.

* Chat with Sahil Chhabra, Manager – Paytm, Strategic Alliances on 19th Aug at 10 pm
* Chat with Pratik Mittal, Edelweiss on 20th Aug at 11 am – A Career in Wealth Management
* Chat with Shashwat Sharma – Head – Oral Care Category at Unilever, HUL on 20th Aug at 7 pm – A Career in Marketing at Unilever
* Chat with Tanvi Sondhi, Aditya Birla Group on 24th Aug at 7 pm on A Career at Aditya Birla Group Leadership Programs – GIP LEAP LEAD HRLP FLP

All chats can be accessed from here. Chat windows will open 30 mins before the chat. Anyone making recruitment pitches on the chat will be banned. The point of the chat is to gain knowledge about the business, company and a career there along with some tips on interview preparation.


Some Profiles and Details about the Chats

Edelweiss Financial Services has been among the top rated Indian financial firms in our Recruitment Survey for the last 3 years now. We recently also interviewed Mr. Rashesh Shah, Founder of Edelweiss. You can read the interview here. One of the more exciting verticals of the business is the Wealth Management side.


We have Pratik Mittal from Edelweiss for the chat with us today. Pratik is an alumnus of IIM Indore (Class of 2010) and has been with Edelweiss since then from campus. He did his under graduation from IIT Delhi (Class of 2006) and has worked with Evalueserve in the past. He is Associate Vice President at Edelweiss



What we hope to cover in the chat :
1) What Wealth Management is
2) What WM at Edelweiss is like
3) How people should prepare for interviews
4) Career growth in this industry


Hindustan Unilever is a dream recruiter. HUL has topped most categories of rankings in the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey since its inception. In our series to help young professionals understand what different types of careers are like we now have Team Unilever to help our users discover the world of Marketing and FMCG!

Hindustan Unilever- insideiimWe have Shashwat Sharma from Unilever who will interact with young students and professionals. Shashwat is the Category Head of Oral Care at Hindustan Unilever. Given below is a brief profile :Shashwat joined Hindustan Unilever Limited from IIM Ahmedabad in 2005. After completing one year training under the Unilever Future Leaders Program, he was appointed as the Area Sales Manager for Tamil Nadu. Having honed his leadership skills with a large team of 44 people and a very important business area for 3 years, he moved to Brand Development on Domestos (or Domex) across Asia Pacific.In his next role, he became the Marketing Manager for Premium Skin Cleansing portfolio of Dove, Pears & Bodywashes and led market development on these brands for 3 years. Then came a move to the glamorous and unique world of fashion and cosmetics as he became the Head of the Lakmé business, before moving to his current role.

Shashwat is a passionate marketer, and gets a special kick in taking on marketing problems to probe, analyze and then solve with action in the market.

Personally, he is a sports enthusiast and a family man. While watching sports on TV has taken a back seat on prioritization, he ensures that he plays squash every day, and despite the challenges of his work, he ensures that he spends his evenings with his kids. He loves to travel and ensures that he takes breaks from work life every 3-4 months to take a traveling vacation.

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