Kenneth Serrao on InsideIIM Career Perspectives – IIM Ahmedabad alumnus and Entrepreneur

From  helping set up Kotak Wealth Management to being part of India’s 2nd largest hedge fund to being part of the 3 man team which brought Tag Heur to India, this IIM Ahmedabad alumnus has seen it all. Whether it is selling software or being a marketer or handling institutional money or running a profitable enterprise of his own, Kenneth Serrao has a wealth of experience across domains and functions. He is the co-founder of BrokersPleaseExcuse.

We strongly recommend you watch the entire interview of over 11 mins below. He cautions people against being closed to career options in one’s own mind and also asks people to stay away from campus stereotypes like – ‘You are extrovert and so do marketing’ or ‘You are analytical so go for Finance’. On being asked about support of family he says that clarity helps. As long as you know what you are doing and communicating with your family/wife at each stage, things will work out fine. But if you keep changing you stance, the bull-whip effect will affect everyone.

He has a very optimistic message for the Class of 2013 and believes people who pass out in tough years do better in their career.


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