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What Do Venture Capitalists Really Do? | Skills Needed, Career Path, Jobs & Salaries In Venture Capital

“As venture capital investment continues to pour into India's thriving tech industry, the country's fourth-place ranking in global VC investments in 2022 serves as a testament to the resilience and

Top In-Demand Careers in 2022 That Don’t Require an MBA

Gone are the days when you needed an MBA degree to get high packages like 10-20 Lakhs. The job landscape has completely changed in the last few years. I personally know

Shhh! Revealed: Career Switch Secrets Of Supply Chain

Several years down the line, when the lasting impact of the pandemic is discussed, supply shortages of food and other essential goods will surely be one of the top headlines

How To Crack A 20 Lakh Marketing Job | Learn From Experts From Google, P&G, Nestle, Etc.

As countries move from a crisis phase to a renewal phase; the companies are getting a sense of how their worlds have evolved. Value-driven purchases, experience affinity, sanitation & sustainability

Careers In E- Commerce: Roles, Skills, Courses & Future

Have you seen the rise of eCommerce giants like Amazon and Flipkart and wondered what opportunities lie ahead there for you? Thought of what roles there are and could be

Meet Top Women Industry Leaders & Get Personalized Career Guidance | #SheInspiresMe

At InsideIIM, we believe that one day isn’t enough to celebrate women which is why we present #SheInspiresMe Women’s Month — an entire month dedicated to women.

Intro. to Category Management & Careers Paths Ft. Sushant D. Category Head-Nutrition at Amway, ex-Pepsi, IIM L Alum

The world of retail and online shopping is continuously evolving, with Category Analysts, Category Managers and sales teams needing to be ahead about the latest cutting-edge technology and innovations.

Product Management & Its Tools & Techniques | Priyank Ahuja, PM - Accenture, ex-Vodafone, ISB Alum

Product management is one of the most appealing and challenging professions for professionals who wish to have a crucial role in creating new consumer products, new technologies, software platforms and