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10 Certifications To Be Job Ready In The Post COVID 19 Economy

Deferred internships and PPOs, as well as delayed college terms, mean you have plenty of time to learn something. All and sundry have been telling you to upskill yourself in

Konversations Reloaded With Seema Bansal, Director - BCG, IIM C

Coronavirus and the CoViD 19 pandemic has put most of the world into lockdown. Work and systems are all undergoing a transformation. Meanwhile, MBA aspirants and MBA students get some

Be In Charge At Work | Part 9 Of The People Skills Primer

Excited for that 1st day of a new job? Or that summer internship? We created the People Skills Primer so that you can make a great first impression! Click here

Konversations on Retail and Marketing Careers with H&M, Nykaa and Vodafone - #DelhiDiaries

How does H&M manage to sell jackets during summers? What does the life of a brand manager at a young e-commerce company like Nykaa entail? What are the struggles of

On Importance Of Influencer Marketing And Distribution Strategy - Sumita Rajan, Product Manager, Britannia

Sumita's journey from bags to bikes to biscuits (Skybags, Hero Honda & Britannia) has taken her across India. She talks about the contrast in rural and urban buying behaviours that

How Emotional Intelligence Can Help You To Become A Better Manager

“EQ is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges, and resolve conflicts.”

Prioritise Your Career Before CAT – Meet Rockstars Of Marketing

MBA is a means to an end and not an end in itself.  There is no point scoring high percentile in entrance exams if you don’t know what you want

What's Your Online Identity Score? - The Ultimate Interview Guide- Konversations.com

Bagging your dream job requires some serious effort. Creating and cultivating a presence online and offline is a must! Do you know what Google baba thinks of you? And how