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Social Media Loves Mom’s Food - A Marketing Success Story

Dizzying lights, empty bottles lying around, greased boilers tilting over food-smeared kitchen slabs, dustbin stacked with paper-plates – the party was a hit. Biryani, Paneer Tikka, Chicken Tandoori, Naan, Butter

Life As A Managment Trainee In Indian PSU Banks

A Management trainee job is a great career opportunity for any management student. If you succeed to get position management trainee at a reputed company, it helps you ahead in

What Is Political Consulting And Should You Take It Up As A Career

Every day, I get at least one e-mail asking me how someone could become a political consultant. While it is not possible to answer every e-mail to everyone's satisfaction, a

Live Chat on MBA, Careers and InsideIIM - Meet Ankit Doshi, Creator - InsideIIM.com

Continuing our series of Live Chats we thought it made sense to have someone from the Team to interact with all users. Meet Ankit Doshi, the Creator of InsideIIM for

10 points of happiness

10 points for happiness…these are the result of my observational skills and personal experiences…results and consequences may vary among different individuals…but more or less, these work..• Whenever you are angry,

A Tale of Two Cs: The CGPA-Career Correlation

An aunt once asked me where I would be interning. I told her. She had difficulty pronouncing the name of the company and 5 minutes later was blissfully unaware of

Managing Career Uncertainty - Prof. Leena Chatterjee - IIM Calcutta Insights

Insight is a series of interviews are conducted with faculty members of IIMC on topics they are proficient in and then broadcast periodically through the official YouTube channel of IIM-C.