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Insights from The Banking Sector Ft. Prawin Tiwari, HDB Financial Services, IFMR Alum

With the current COVID-19 situation, the world is facing a serious economic impact. With an uncertain future looming ahead of them, many students are worried about what they should be

Cryptocurrency: The Future Of Money?|| Jay Kumar Patel || IFMR GSB Krea University

A Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that is created and managed through the use of advanced encryption techniques known as cryptography. Cryptocurrency leaped from being an academic concept to (virtual)

What It Takes To Get Into JP Morgan Chase Ft. Prabhu G, IFMR GSB

The one thing that every MBA student wants from their summer internship is a PPO (Pre-Placement Offer). Bagged by only a lucky few, this coveted offer can make the second

MBA Is A Time And Money Commitment - Michael Jebadurai, Piramal Capital

Michael Jebadurai joined IFMR GSB with the intention of doing Finance and understand how money works. Coming from an engineering background, he had some difficulty coping with finance, but he

I Did An MBA For Better Marriage Prospects Ft. Arun Ramnath | Konversations Cafe S04

“Every role has a flavor of sales in it,” says Arun Ramnath, Chief Business Officer, CARE Risk Solutions Pvt. Ltd.  Arun Ramnath’s journey with MBA started on a strange note.

Salary Package Is Meaningless If You Don't Enjoy Your Work Ft. Nitin Sharma | Konversations Cafe S04

“The sharper the ax, the faster it cuts. The more skilled you are, the better you perform” Nitin Sharma, Senior Program Manager at Tata Communications, New Delhi.Nitin Sharma had 5

Your Resume Is Not Enough For A Job Application, Ft Amandeep Singh, VMLY&R | Konversations Cafe S04

"You’re just a tweet away from your dream company", says Mr. Amandeep Singh Kochar, Business Director @ #VMLY&R.Amandeep Singh Kochar did his engineering with hopes of becoming a hacker, but

How To Get Into IFMR GSB - Profile Evaluation Webinar

We’re a month into 2020, and with every passing day your GD-PI rounds are coming closer. Probably you’ve already gotten a few calls by now. Ideally, you should be done

The Curious Case of Housekeeping Staff At IFMR GSB Krea University | Bhavith Sunkara

One month into my MBA at IFMR, the thing that fascinated me the most was the way housekeeping staff worked at IFMR. They handle the cleaning and mopping work in

IFMR GSB - Interim Placement Report - Class of 2017-2019

IFMR Graduate School of Business released the interim placement report for the 18th batch of 2017-19. The highest salary offered so far has been INR 14 Lacs per annum while

A Sneak Peek Into The Diversity At IFMR GSB Krea University - Kaushal Kishore

All of us have grown to study and cherishing the diversity that our country is blessed with. We all have heard the slogan “Unity in Diversity” at some point in

Life At IFMR GSB Krea University | Ashish Kumar Bastia

It all started for me on the sweltering afternoon of 1st June. The heat was unbearable, humidity out of the world. It was a combination of sweat, heat, and too