Relationship Dos For Salesman-Client Affair

There is no relationship in this world that hasn’t traversed the rocky road. And while that happens, some partners quit and move to another one whilst others communicate, understand the problems (pain points) and solve it. We’ll talk about the problem-solvers today. And this is what they do.

  • Make an actual appointment with each other to talk and don’t let anything come in the way – cellphones, kids, TV, nothing.
  • Meet at a more casual, fun environment to set a mood, outside of the usual chaotic home scene – coffee shop, restaurant, pub.
  • They set rules not to interrupt when the partner is talking.
  • They use body language to show they’re listening. They don’t doodle, look at their cellphone, or pick at their skin. They nod so the other person knows they’re getting the message.
  • They ask clear questions to get to the main problem and try and solve it with a calm mind.

Well, the same rules (and more) apply to understanding your client if you’re aspiring to be a B2B salesman. While your relationship with your client is just beginning, this time is very crucial in understanding the client to build stronger bonds. And understanding the client’s pain points will help to sell your product. Learn the tricks from industry experts to identify pain points for successful selling here.