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Not In A Club At Your B-School? This Is How You Can Make The Most Of It

Clubs, committees, events. They really are the high life at IIMs when you’re not suffering with assignments, aren’t they? We’ve all heard about the amazing events, in fact, Sangram, the

A Unique Experience Of Politics At TISS Mumbai

TISS Mumbai is perhaps the only premier B-School having such a strong culture of Students participating in the decision-making process of the university. Over the years, this practice has developed

Academics, Committees, Placements: How To Do It All In A B-School

A curious mind and a supportive set of parents ensured that I always did more than just study. Right from my early days of school, I got involved in a

All You Need To Know About Committees At MICA - Part 2

MICAns are what make MICA, but MICA is what makes MICAns. We take you deeper into life at MICA and introduce you to some more amazing committees.