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From A 720 GMAT Score To IMT Ghaziabad

For MBA aspirants, one of the most sought after institutes for pursuing management education is IMT Ghaziabad - an institute with a rich legacy of almost 4 decades, featuring amongst

Preparing For GMAT? Here's What Not To Do

Everyone will have their own slice of advice to offer you when it comes to how to prepare for GMAT. Well, we don’t want to be a part of that

My Journey From 630 To 740 In GMAT

I consider GMAT one of the most well planned exams. That does not mean it gets any easier to score well in it. Here are my 2 cents on the

How To Prepare For GMAT - Tips From A GMAT 730 Scorer

I gave my GMAT in 2017 and got a score of 730. In this article, I will try to provide insight into how I prepared for each section of GMAT

How To Reduce The Cost Of Your GMAT Preparation

Let’s get this fact straight. For Indian candidates (specially when you are a fresher or in a low paying job), taking the GMAT is a costly affair. The exam itself