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No SC/ST Faculty in IIM A, B, C

Remember the stories of Ramayana and Mahabharata? There was always a mention of the sacred guru-shishya (teacher-student) bond. Unfortunately, in those times, the transaction of knowledge was only reserved for

The Most Ridiculous Questions Asked To An IIM Graduate

a. Akshay, you are a student at IIM, you will be earning Rs. 1 crore after graduation right?

Scholarships At IIM Lucknow

If you are packing your bags to go to college, you're probably daydreaming about the experience you are going to have. But there are chances this will happen a few

CAT Preparation Strategies From Akshita Agarwal | 99.87%ile, Final Admits: IIM A,B,C

A year ago, I was one among the numerous aspirants of Common Admission Test - CAT as we popularly know it. Now, I have final admits from IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Bangalore,

Getting Ahead Of The Curve: 10 Things To Do Before Joining A B-School

MBA, as a degree, comes with a lot of baggage. The exhaustive nature of the course notwithstanding, there is a lot of prep work which needs to be done before

Wait For CAT 2016 Pattern Finally Over - IIMs Reveal Mock Test

The IIMs have finally come up with the CAT 2016 Mock Test and have put that up on their CAT website (iimcat.ac.in).

Dare to Think Beyond The IIMs

To all the IIM aspirants & To whomsoever it may concern!