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InsideIIM Best 30 Class Of 2021

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Meet InsideIIM’s Best 30 - The Most Employable Graduates of The Class of 2019-21

January. New year. New hopes. New laurels. New awards! Meet InsideIIM's Best 30 for the class of 19-21! Drumroll please and all that! Yes, you heard it right. This year,

From Being Bottom 10 In Finance To Handling A Finance Heavy Project At BCG | Samarth, MDI Gurgaon, InsideIIM’s Best 30

Samarth Singh Gahlot did not really like finance. But he managed to work successfully as a consultant and landed a PPO with BCG post his summer internship. He also, interestingly,

I Created A Blog On Aerospace Engineering In My IIT Days | Feroz, IIM C, InsideIIM’s Best 30

Feroz Baker was scared of getting into an IIT. He’d realised that IIT meant losing the “most intelligent,” “topper,” labels and competing with some of the best students in the

I Co-Authored A Marketing Case To Be Published In Harvard Business Review | Niharika, IIM L, InsideIIM’s Best 30

Niharika was one of the lucky few who found her calling directly post graduation. She loved marketing and worked in B2B marketing, successfully climbing the corporate ladder to win accolades.

I Chose An MBA In India Over A Ph.D Offer From New York University | Sujith, IIM B, InsideIIM’s Best 30

Sujith got an offer from New York University to pursue a Ph.D - Masters in Biology. A product of the famous IISc, Sujith knew the value and impact of such

My Journey From Battling Depression To Blogging, Social Work And MBA | Pratibha, MDI Gurgaon, InsideIIM's Best 30

Imagine being in your final year of undergraduate college, engineering or other streams. You’ve worked hard throughout the years, been focused and good at academics, taken all the relevant internships,

From Failure To Reach IITs To A Merit Scholar At B-School | Sancy, SIBM, InsideIIM’s Best 30

If you were asked to juggle a health condition like PCOD which plays havoc with your hormones at random times, preparation to get into IITs and NITs - the best

I Left My Stable & Comfortable PSU Job For An MBA - Fayaz Ahamad Shaik, IIFT Kolkata, InsideIIM’s Best 30

How many people would take a risk of leaving a dream PSU job with a promotion coming soon to join a B-school? This is exactly what Fayaz did when he