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Qualitative Vs Quantitative Research - My First Marketing Survey Experience

What makes a good marketeer? Is it just about STP and the 4 Ps? Well, these concepts indeed form the crux of marketing, but one can't do it without understanding

IIM Lucknow’s Marketing Research Fest – INDEX’17

In continuation to the saga of excelling over the bars of Market Research, INDEX’17, IIM Lucknow’s annual MR fest (INDEX - the acronym for Information through Disguised Experimentation) added another

How To Prepare A Brief - Market Research Made Easy

This is a semi-hypothetical case study created in order to teach the concept of making a brief.In the given situation, the marketing manager of Nice Hair Shampoo (H&F company) needs

Why Market Research

Imagine if there was no market research.Would you ever fill this donation form even if you were deeply altruistic? It’s tedious, boring and by the time you reach the end, your

Consumer Market Research - Konversations Cafe With Utsav Mamoria and Ankit Doshi

In this episode, we meet Market Researcher and Konversations Course Creator Utsav Mamoria and jam with him about the interesting world of research. Ankit Doshi, the Creator of InsideIIM.com and

Why Men Buy Lingerie - Strategy With RS

Sales data indicates that up to 25% of purchase of lingerie, over Internet, is done by men.This number bumps up to almost 40% around Valentine’s Day & November – February

Any “Idea” What I did This Summer?

I was too desperate to find my name in the list of selected candidates on the notice board. Three good companies were already done with their processes taking 16 of

Industry Insider: The Workings Of A Research Agency

As students, the one thing we aren't exposed to during our curriculum is the inner workings of companies. Yes, we do have 'industry interactions' and 'industry visits' but they don't