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Marketing Summer Internship

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P&G PPO Holder From IIM Lucknow Shares Her Marketing Internship Experience

The below article covers the internship experience of Mahashweta, an IIM Lucknow student and her advice to aspirants on how to secure an internship and earn a PPO from P&G!

How I Got Into Marketing At Google - Siddhant Singh, IIM Indore

Google is one of the most desired workplaces for many new MBAs and graduates. With googliness being its DNA, getting placed as an intern or bagging a PPO from Google

Marketing Concepts Made Easy - Aliensplained | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Humans have needs. That's a fact. But as a marketeer, how do you understand, analyse and utilise human needs to maximise profits, revenues, sales, awareness, etc? In this month's version

How To Crack Your Marketing Summer Internship Interview - A Complete Guide

Preparing for marketing internship interviews? For a marketing manager or a marketer, knowing marketing basics in not the only requirement though. In this ever-changing world, you also need to be

How To Crack Marketing Summer Internship Interviews

Marketing interviews are a tough nut to crack! The problem is that a large portion of students interested in bagging a marketing internship think they can smooth-talk through their selection