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Marketing Summer Internship

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How I Got Into Marketing At Google - Siddhant Singh, IIM Indore

Google is one of the most desired workplaces for many new MBAs and graduates. With googliness being its DNA, getting placed as an intern or bagging a PPO from Google

Marketing Concepts Made Easy - Aliensplained | Learning IRL By ABGLP

Humans have needs. That's a fact. But as a marketeer, how do you understand, analyse and utilise human needs to maximise profits, revenues, sales, awareness, etc? In this month's version

How To Crack Your Marketing Summer Internship Interview - A Complete Guide

Preparing for marketing internship interviews? For a marketing manager or a marketer, knowing marketing basics in not the only requirement though. In this ever-changing world, you also need to be

How To Crack Marketing Summer Internship Interviews

Marketing interviews are a tough nut to crack! The problem is that a large portion of students interested in bagging a marketing internship think they can smooth-talk through their selection