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Summer Internship At The Chocolate Factory, Mondelēz | Ft. Mallika Jain, XLRI Jamshedpur

Summer internships are invaluable for MBA students. The two-month-long stint as an intern teaches one a lot about the corporate nuances in an organized manner. The selection process tests candidates

My Internship Journey At Mondelez International Amidst Lockdown

Being a part of an organization that cares about its people is a blessing in itself. In these unprecedented times, Mondelez kept its promise to provide the interns with an

My Interview Experience And Life At IIM Lucknow | Ft. Prerna Lalwani, Amazon

Ever wondered what it takes to get into one of the most prestigious b-schools of India? Of course you have, especially right now - post CAT results. It’s the time

Fieldwork Journey At Mondelēz - My First Brush With Corporate

The 1st of July, 2019 is a day I shall never forget. It was a gloomy Monday morning, and the rain was pelting Mumbai as I had never seen before!

Why You Should Consider Mondelez (Home Of Dairy Milk) As Your Internship Company

A company that puts growth at the forefront, Mondelez has not only been giving the opportunity to explore new territories to the people joining, but it also helps them to

Why You Should Work For A Fast-Growing Business - Anil Viswanathan, Director At Mondelez

Do you remember the television advertisement where an exuberant woman breaks into a cricket ground, dancing on the tunes of the classic Cadbury jingle? Or the one where a woman

From IIM Lucknow To Mondelez To Amazon Prime Video - The Journey Of A Financial Analyst

Ever wondered what a financial analyst does at Amazon Prime Video? For that matter, what does a financial analyst do?

'When Internship Indeed Counts As An Experience' - Abishake Koul's Internship Experience At Mondelez International - IIM Lucknow

You know you are making your friends jealous when you keep reiterating how fun it was back when you were interning even after returning back to college. It speaks a