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How To Build A Career In Sports Ft Srinivvasan G, CEO, Sporjo, Ex BCCI, Ex Nike

Dreaming of a career in sports? Contrary to popular belief, a career in sports doesn’t necessarily mean being a ‘sportsperson’. There are several lucrative roles in the field of sports

How Nike Dethroned Adidas - Strategy With RS

Are you a start-up secretly nursing a desire of dethroning the ‘Goliath’ of your industry?

Nike's Unique Km Currency In Mexico - Strategy With RS

All Brands reward their customers by launching attractive promotional offers. For most brands, promotions are designed to ‘buy’ sales. But promotion can also be designed to build brand. Nike designed

What Nike Did After Receiving A Note From A Customer

Nike wishes everyone on the planet to ‘Just Do It’. And it is walking the talk, too.