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Even Losing My Mother Didn't Deter Me From Cracking CAT Ft. Anuradha S, Ex-Infosys, Cognizant, 3M

A small town girl from a village near Varanasi, Anuradha Srivastava has battled challenges difficult for most to imagine. A week before her JEE, her mother fell severely ill. While

From Kota Factory To Marketing At Phillips- A Doctor's MBA Journey, Ft. Dr. Shubhra C, SCMHRD Alum

Shubhra Chakraborty is a Marketing Manager at Philips, a Doctor, a Personal Branding Expert, CEO and Founder of Poshan, Keynote Speaker, and Winner of 22 business competitions including Reliance -

My Time At JNU Taught Me To Respect Opinions Ft. Harshita Chaudhary, TISS Alum, Ex-Nestle, Colgate

In the second episode of India's Most Inspiring Women Managers, we have an alumna of LSR, JNU, TISS, Colgate, Cadbury, and Nestle - Harshita Choudhary.

The Woman Who Mastered Analytics During Her Pregnancy Ft. Shailaja G, IIM Indore Alum

We are thrilled to bring to you the first episode of India's Most Inspiring Women Managers with Shailaja Gupta. Shailaja is currently working at Stride Pharma in the CEO's office

A Women's Day Gift From Team InsideIIM

In India, 85% of working women claim to have missed out on a promotion or hike because of their gender.

The Surprising Reason Why India’s Finance Professionals Underachieve, Ft. Radhika G, CEO Edelweiss

On International Women’s Day, we have a CEO of a major financial institution Edelweiss AMC telling you about that one skill that is crucial to have a successful finance career.

I Felt Defeated, I Wanted To Give Up - Here's What Kept Me Going

I gave my best shot. I didn't make it. I feel that no matter how hard I try now, I wouldn't succeed. The competition, the situation, the efforts, all of