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Ten Important Factors To Consider While Deciding A B-school

MBA Admissions for 2021-23 batch have started with many top B-schools releasing their final list for admission. As a matter of first importance, one needs to choose the Management specialization,

Defeating DILR - How I Went From 55 To 99 Percentile || Vanyaa Kansal

DILR is an Achille’s heel for many. Personally, my DILR scores in the mocks used to be quite inconsistent – I couldn’t understand why it was happening because I wasn’t

Meet MDI Gurgaon Professor Of The Year 2021 - Prof. Manoj Kumar Srivastava

This year, the students at MDI Gurgaon have voted Prof. Manoj K.Srivastava as InsideIIM's Professor Of The Year 2021. He is an Associate Professor of Operations Management at MDI Gurgaon.

How To Switch Jobs - Guidance And Strategy By Ankit Doshi, Founder And CEO,InsideIIM

We're back in a lockdown, and many people have started looking for a job change, whether it is to increase compensation, build a portfolio, or want to have better quality

HRM & LR Personal Interview Tips Made Public || TISS Mumbai

Whether you have landed up here by virtue of poorly-crafted clickbait heading or you’re a genuine aspirant who doesn’t want to miss out on any suggestion available in the market,

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