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Women's Day 2021

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From Kota Factory To Marketing At Phillips- A Doctor's MBA Journey, Ft. Dr. Shubhra C, SCMHRD Alum

Shubhra Chakraborty is a Marketing Manager at Philips, a Doctor, a Personal Branding Expert, CEO and Founder of Poshan, Keynote Speaker, and Winner of 22 business competitions including Reliance -

What Salaries Do Women At IIMs And Other Top B-Schools Expect After Graduation?

As a part of the annual InsideIIM Recruitment Survey, we ask MBA students at India's top management institutes the kind of in-hand salaries they expect immediately after graduating from b-school.

Things Every Indian Woman Must Know Before Entering The Corporate World

We've been watching men pave their way to corporate success for years now. But this is only one part of the story. What goes into building a corporate career if

The Woman Who Mastered Analytics During Her Pregnancy Ft. Shailaja G, IIM Indore Alum

We are thrilled to bring to you the first episode of India's Most Inspiring Women Managers with Shailaja Gupta. Shailaja is currently working at Stride Pharma in the CEO's office

A Women's Day Gift From Team InsideIIM

In India, 85% of working women claim to have missed out on a promotion or hike because of their gender.

I Felt Defeated, I Wanted To Give Up - Here's What Kept Me Going

I gave my best shot. I didn't make it. I feel that no matter how hard I try now, I wouldn't succeed. The competition, the situation, the efforts, all of

How Many Women Are CEOs At The Largest Companies In India And America?

In 2020, the Fortune magazine published its well-known Fortune 500 rankings of companies, which is essentially "the ultimate business scorecard" of the top five hundred largest American businesses based on their total

Meet Top Women Industry Leaders & Get Personalized Career Guidance | #SheInspiresMe

At InsideIIM, we believe that one day isn’t enough to celebrate women which is why we present #SheInspiresMe Women’s Month — an entire month dedicated to women.