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Summer Placements - Class of 2015

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Summer Placements: IIM Indore UAE - Class of 2013 - 15

This is a 48-student batch. The breadth of opportunities for this batch is quite interesting. Sales and Marketing, and Consulting seem to be the most popular domains - each of

Summer Placements: IIM Shillong - Class of 2015

Banking, Financial Services and Insurance (BFSI) emerged as the largest recruiter in the recently concluded summer placements conducted at IIM Shillong.Despite a 10 per cent increase in batch size, the

Summer Placements : IIM Bangalore – Class of 2013-15

(Read IIM Bangalore's previous Placement Reports on InsideIIM here : Summers - 2011, 2012/Finals - 2012,2013 )

Summer Placements : IIFT Delhi & Kolkata - Class of 2013-15

This is the first time we are covering the placements at IIFT.

Summer Placements : IIM Indore – Class of 2013-15

IIM Indore concluded a very successful summer placement season in Mid-November. This is the fourth summer internship season since the batch size doubling took place to 450. This batch has

Summer Placements : MDI Gurgaon – Class of 2013-15 (Unverified Report)

We started featuring MDI Gurgaon this year. This is the first report.

Summer Placements : IIM Calcutta – Class of 2013-15

Another summer placement season at Joka, and another season where we see IIM Calcutta blaze away.  450 Students. Less than 4 days.  It is quite something! We would be repeating

Summer Placements : FMS Delhi - Class of 2013-15 (Unverified)

It is unfortunate that FMS Delhi has decided to not share placement data with us from this year. One of their representatives said that the students had 'taken an unanimous