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Get A Glimpse Of The World Inside Tata Motors. Take The Day 4 fanTAStic Quiz On Tata Motors Now!

We are on the fourth day of the fanTAStic Quiz, powered by TAS. We have seen some amazing answers from you on the previous quizzes and we are hoping that

I Organised A Rock Concert At Tata Motors Fest - Prakhar Raghuvansh, InsideIIM’s Best 50

Have you ever volunteered to help people from a less privileged background to yours? If you ever did, you would realise the immense time and attention commitment it entails. In

The Right Words At The Right Time - Mr. Ravi Kant, Ex-MD, Tata Motors Limited

The Vinod Gupta School of Management had the opportunity of hosting Mr Ravi Kant, Ex-Managing Director of Tata Motors Limited. With years of experience in leadership positions across a plethora

How I Switched 4 Jobs In 7 Years - Faiz Rehman, Hotstar, Ex-PayTM, Ex-ICICI, Ex-Tata Motors, IIM I

In this video, Faiz Rehman, Senior Manager - Digital Sales at Hotstar, Ex-PayTM, Ex-ICICI Bank, Ex-Tata Motors, IIM Indore alum, answers various questions about switching jobs, building your CV and

Companies Look For All-Rounders, Not Geeks - Faiz Rehman, Digital Sales - Hotstar, ex-PayTM, IIM I

In this video, Faiz Rehman, Senior Manager - Digital Sales at Hotstar, Ex PayTM, Ex ICICI Bank, Ex Tata Motors, IIM Indore alum, takes us through his eclectic and diverse

Summer Internship Experience At TATA Motors - Kshitij Arora, Shailesh J Mehta School of Management

What should I say? When I think of writing about my experience. There is so much to say but I am not able to find the right words. Let me

Summer Internship Experience With India’s Most Trusted Brand, Tata Motors – Navya Kiranmai, SJMSOM, IIT Bombay

Though I am an ex-product of Tata Group’s TCS, I was really excited to begin my internship as a Management Intern with one of the group’s members “Tata Motors” because

Aditi Shende's Internship Experience At TATA Motors - Case Of Mixed Emotions And Experiences

They say MBA is not an easy journey and yes I absolutely agree to that, but the path you take, the choices you make, the pointers you get and the