Turning Your Customers into Brand Advocates

What is your brand advocacy score? Did you know why Google jettisoned an elaborate marketing plan made by an accomplished Coca-Cola executive? Does your brand provide an end-to-end memorable experience to the customer? The video below helps you get great insight whether you’re building your own enterprise or are in charge of a brand in a fast growing company.

As an entrepreneur, what kind of customers do you most desire: satisfied customers or loyal customers? Neither, says business strategist Rajesh Srivastava, the host of the brand new show The New Rules of Business. 

Watch the first episode below :



A lot of you from IIM Indore and SP Jain Global will remember Rajesh Sir from his lectures at the respective campuses. This video should bring back memories of those insightful sessions with him!


(Reproduced with permission from Founding Fuel Publishing Pvt Ltd. This episode is part of a special weekly show The New Rules of Business, hosted by business strategist Rajesh Srivastava for Founding Fuel, a new generation digital media and learning platform for the entrepreneurial community. Rajesh has a related column with every episode, which can be accessed here)