What Not To Do In The Last 30 Days To CAT

When I started preparing for CAT 2014, I knew little about the exam. I did not know many colleges either – just your regular IIMs and XLRI (and of course, TISS which I had set my heart on). My entire journey was one where I discovered new things each day – things about the CAT, about this race to win, about the college, about the people, and most of all, about myself. I also learnt, in retrospect, what not to do in the last leg of this journey.

The first and foremost thing that pays off when preparing for any competitive exam is, of course, persistence. It is sheer will that will make you wake up early (or stay up late whatever the case is), sit down, and click through mock after mock, stake your heart on those digits which you feel represent you at that point in time.

Do not give up. That is the most important thing here. Whatever happens (a very low or very high score in the mocks, a breakup blah blah) don’t you dare give up. You have come along too far now stray from your goal. Sit tight, breathe, and draw upon your core and spend the next 30 days living on that determination- persevere.

Do not experiment with your schedule. If you haven’t found a routine by now, well sucks to be you but it is not too late. The importance of having a routine is that it ensures you complete your work – the bigger and the smaller things alike.

Don’t give too many mocks. This is not the time – rather, focus on finding out what goes wrong in those mocks. That is where you develop an edge. Similarly, if your basics aren’t clear in Quant, focus on that rather than the fancy stuff.

 Don’t forget to smile. Look at you! You have spent the past few months working hard. Take a moment to appreciate you own hard work. This is where you will come to know things about yourself that were not apparent before this. It is a journey, and you are in for the long haul. Might as well be cheerful about it.




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Pooja Wanpal considers reading the sole aim of her life. She is obsessed with trekking, pani puri, and adores traveling. She is a freelance content writer, and has penned the novel, ‘Love and Lokpal’. She is currently studying Human Resource Management and Labour Relations at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai. She is also a part of the InsideIIM Student Team 2016-17. She had appeared for the CAT in 2014, and managed a score enough (thanks to deities above/below/ubiquitous) that allowed several institutes (hint: their acronyms start with an I, end in an M and have an I in the middle) to offer her a place.