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Is India Ready To Become A Cashless Economy? - Potential B-School WAT-GD Topic

'Is India ready to become a cashless economy?' is a question that has recurred frequently as a GD-PI-WAT topic for the last couple of years during the b-school admissions process.

Possible Ban On Fairness Cream Ads | Its Effect On Market, Advertising And Society | GD-PI Topic

Performing well in GD-PI-WAT round is a sure-shot way to get into your favourite b-school. And do you know what drives a good percentage of these preliminary rounds? It’s the

NMIMS Selection Process: CD,PI And SoP - A Complete Guide

First of all, congratulations to those who have got a shortlist call from NMIMS. You have passed the first round of MBA admissions. But this is just a start. You

A Step-by-Step Guide To Case Discussion

Case Study is a type of Group Discussion exercise. A given case (issue/business problem) is discussed in a group to bring out the best solution to the given problem. The

What Happens At A CD/PI At NMIMS Mumbai? - Yashwi's Experience

Congratulations! As  I say that, I recall my call letter and with that the confusion to drive my interview process through the maze of relative scoring and entangling questions. Having