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How Many IIM, ISB, XLRI Grads Work With Top Indian and Global Conglomerates?

Amongst top companies hiring for General Management roles, which are the ones that MBA grads from top business schools end up at? What percentage of IIM ABC alumni end up

How To Prepare For GenMan Roles

There are some who are Jacks of a single trade and specialise in that and then there are some who are jack of many trades and masters of none. Well,

How To Prepare For General Management Role - Ft. Adarsh Kundal, ABG

Adarsh Kundal has completed his Graduation in B.Tech from NIT Calicut in Mechanical Engineering in 2015. At IIM-Lucknow, Adarsh is a part of the Placement Operations team. Adarsh has done

All You Need To Know About General Management Roles

General management roles are highly preferred roles by a lot of MBA Students. It gives an opportunity to explore all domains such as sales, marketing, finance, supply chain, etc. and

Use Your Instinct & Common Sense For Success | Journey To Being Accenture MD, Satyaki M, XLRI Alum

Satyaki Mookerjee started his career as an engineer at Tata Hitachi. It was around this time thought it would be beneficial for his career to get an overall perspective of

General Management Roles At A B-School - Everything You Need To Know

General Management is the most sought-after domain for MBA students at India's top business schools, as revealed by the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey. These roles, often offered by conglomerates such as the Tata

Capgemini E.L.I.T.E. || General Management || IT Consulting

Placements: For MBA students this is not a mere outcome of their degree, but the core of their existence; getting the best placement becomes the one and only aim of

IIM Ahmedabad Final Placements Report 2020 | Cluster 2 (Unverified)

The IIM Ahmedabad Cluster 2 Placements Report (Final) for the PGP class of 2020 has been released by the institute! AB InBev made the highest number of offers closely followed