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Group Discussions

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28 GD Topics To Crack Your FMS And MDI Interviews

‍Group Discussions are an important aspect of the FMS and MDI Gurgaon selection process. If you want to convert your call into a shortlist, one of the best things you

Possible Ban On Fairness Cream Ads | Its Effect On Market, Advertising And Society | GD-PI Topic

Performing well in GD-PI-WAT round is a sure-shot way to get into your favourite b-school. And do you know what drives a good percentage of these preliminary rounds? It’s the

The Iran and US Conflict Explained | Learn Everything About The Possible GD-WAT Topic

MBA admissions are serious business. After intense entrance exams come - GD-PI-WAT, where they go two steps ahead in testing a candidate’s personality, knowledge, mental ability, and more. GD-WAT topics

MDI Gurgaon Student's Guide To Crack The GD-PI Process

Now that the shortlists are being declared one-by-one, you should start your preparation from now to crack the interviews, and ultimately, secure a seat at your dream B-School. Based on

Unilever And InsideIIM Can Help You Crack Your MBA Interviews At Zero Cost - Here's How

Received a shortlist call from your target business school(s)? Excellent! Now what? If you're planning to head on straight to a coaching center, pay a good sum of money and

A Comprehensive Guide To Ace GD-PIT-PI For TISS HRM &LR

Congrats! You have successfully completed stage one, i,e. TISSNET and MAT. Now comes the PIT and PI round. If you want to grab a seat in the prestigious HRM &

How To Crack Group Discussion | Do's And Don'ts

Group Discussion has always remained an integral part of the selection process for various B-schools. They usually serve as a screening criterion before the interviews. Like each sport, Group Discussion

Things You Should NOT Do In GD And PI

After you finish giving your XAT, CAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, MICAT, TISSNET and other entrance tests, the next thing you need to do is prepare for Group Discussions (GD) and