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Murphy’s Law 101 - Anything That Can Go Wrong Will Go Wrong - Humour On Campus - SPJIMR

B-School Life shouldn't and isn't about learning new things, sitting for lectures, making timely submissions, networking, finding the right question to answer and so on. It's supposed to be the

What Goes On In The Minds Of Our Classmates During An MBA Lecture

If only real-life came with thought bubbles! Ever wondered what goes on in the minds of your classmates during a lecture? We bring you a light-hearted take on this situation.

How some IPL teams are strikingly similar to our political parties

As the IPL inches closer to playoffs, so does the counting day of the General elections-2014. In this article, few parallels are drawn between some of the IPL teams and

Is AAP responsible for rising intolerance in MBA GDs in India?

Come February as results of various entrance exams flood our consciousness voices rise, opinions are slammed everywhere and virtues of national integration and brotherhood on which our forefathers had written


The title refers to Random Article About B-Schools. Why? Because all MBA students love acronyms and abbreviations. Why is the O there? Because it makes it sound better.

A day of CPing at WIMWI

9:00 am. We were 15 minutes into our Operations Management class. Almost all the seats in the class were (surprisingly) occupied given the absolute indifference of the majority of the

Jargon of the Day - 'Low Hanging Fruit'

Do the terms ‘touch base with’, ‘synergize’, ‘core competency’, ‘ideate’ etc. make you squirm with agony? Ever felt your blood boil while waiting through a long managerial sermon utterly devoid