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Student Exchange Program In B-schools Is Not Just A Vacation And Much More!

A student exchange program gives one an opportunity to go abroad and study in the universities which one desired to and couldn’t apply through normal course. Even if it is

How I Worked On Improving VARC | Tips By Ankit Gupta, IIM L

Take it from me - if you are not good at VARC, you will have to put in a lot of effort to get through it. Effort?? Umm might both

Detailed Analysis Of Previous Years' Papers Conducted By IIM Indore

Indian Institute of Management Indore is all set to conduct the CAT 2020 exam. Last year, IIM Kozhikode conducted the CAT exam and almost 2.50 lakh candidates appeared for the

To Drop Or Not? - It's That Time Of The Year - What Happens In The Interview If You Drop

DISCLAIMER: This article is opinion based and has inputs from a variety of students from B-schools with drop years. The information given here is merely collated to give you a

PPO Journey Chronicles, High Impact Project Award Winner | Ft. Siddharth Rohilla At Sony Pictures Networks

There was a time when summer internships were just a small window of experience for students into the corporate realm. However, times have changed and summer internships have become increasingly

NIRF, BT, ET, Outlook India B-School Rankings | XLRI Alumni’s Take On B-School Rankings

I have noticed people in newer/ less-known colleges (and sometimes, surprisingly, from older, well-known colleges) use different rankings to drive home 'superiority' of their own colleges.

Summer Internship At The Chocolate Factory, Mondelēz | Ft. Mallika Jain, XLRI Jamshedpur

Summer internships are invaluable for MBA students. The two-month-long stint as an intern teaches one a lot about the corporate nuances in an organized manner. The selection process tests candidates