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From SIBM To A PPO In ITC To A National Modern Trade Manager At RB | Story of Dhruv Anand

In the last year of MBA degree, there is lot of emphasis on career - where to work, what to do? How does one make this decision? Finding answers to

A MICAn's Journey From Being An Instagram Influencer To ITC | Once Dreamt, Now Achieved

Here's Aarushi Agrawal, a second-year student of MICA, sharing her journey from an Instagram Influencer to ITC Limited along with tips on how to crack the selection interviews of colleges

How I Prepared For My Internship At ITC And The Two Months Of Unparalleled Experience

One of the most important things that need to be kept in mind while preparing for an interview is to get a brief knowledge of a particular sector, which was

A Time Traveller's Tale: My Journey In ITC - Summer Internship 2018

One cannot plan for the unexpected.  (Aaron Klug)

InsideIIM Internship Inventory - ITC Limited - Company Profile

One of the most important aspects of placements, be it Summer Placements or Final Placements, is knowing which company you want to work for. It is imperative that you understand

IIMs B I T, IIFT, XLRI, TISS And JBIMS Bag Honours In The Summer Internship Experience Sharing Competition

We have the results for Summer Saga 2017, our annual internship experience sharing competition!

Perseverance, Integrity, And Truthfulness Are The Secret To Success - Navonil Chatterjee's Internship Experience At ITC - SCMHRD

My internship with ITC Ltd. was, to say the least, an extremely special and insightful experience. Starting right from the regal two-day induction programme at ITC Windsor Hotel, Bangalore, wherein