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Nitya's Internship Experience With FMCG Marketing At ITC - XLRI Jamshedpur

Summer Internships are the culmination of a lot of things, expectations from the corporate world, application of all the theory we have learnt during sleepless nights and a test of

Srinivasula's Summer Internship Experience At ITC - IMT Ghaziabad

Like many of us, I started my internship with great expectations and the opportunity to learn and add value to the organisation - ITC PSPD Division (DHQ).

Summer Internship Chronicles - LIVE Blog For Your Everday Internship Experiences

We know how summer internships are for you. You you've got it, why not flaunt it? We will run this LIVE blog for two months - while your internship is

Summer Internship Induction LIVE - ABG, Reliance, And ITC

Summers remind us of various good things from our childhood - Mangoes, Swimming, Summer Classes, Summer Dresses, Outdoor Games, and so on. But as we grow up, there are different

Yashovardhan Dandriyal From NMIMS Mumbai Shares His Internship Experience At ITC

Months ago, as I tapped my feet sitting nervously on the bench outside one of many magnificent classrooms of NMIMS Mumbai, little did I know what clearing the ITC Summer

Internship Turned Into PPO At ITC Hotels, Kolkata – Akhil M - SCMHRD Pune

The KITES Summer Internship Program by ITC started with a royal induction program in ITC Windsor Hotel, Bangalore. The 2-day induction program took us through ITC’s Culture, the success stories

A Sneak Peek Into The Business Development – Hello ITC!

      Believe in your intuition, for it takes your passion to infused experiences-Myself