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Mahindra Diaries: The Journey Continues

I stood at the corner of the conference room where all the HR team had gathered to bid farewell to a departing colleague. The seniors, as well as the juniors

Mahindra Diaries - The First Month - Sahil Dalia, IIM Calcutta

It was, at last, time for which every one of us was eagerly awaiting. After an exciting first week comprising of inspiring interactions and fun activities, we were ready to

Finding The Calm In The Chaos - My Mahindra Diaries

The first few weeks at Mahindra, interacting with top management and important stakeholders of the company, is the perfect bench-marking experience for any internship. The next few weeks, on the

Week 5 As A Mahindra GMC Intern - My Mahindra Diaries

Another two weeks in the Mahindra family and I cannot wait to write down about the great time I am having at my internship.

The First Month Experience | Mahindra GMC | Nayan Das

So, its already been a month for me here at Mahindra Susten. And what can I say, it has been an exhilarating journey till now!