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How To Perform Well In All Three Sections Of NMAT

When it comes to the entrance test season, for most of the serious aspirants, NMAT is the first exam that they take. The key to performing well at the NMAT

How To Get Into The B-School Of Your Dreams - A FREE Workshop

'MBA is a means to an end and not the end in itself. The end goal is your dream career.' - This has been the founding philosophy of InsideIIM.com. We,

Last Minute Tips For The Last Few Days Of NMAT

December is here, and so are the last few days of NMAT. I still remember the last few days before my NMAT, the preparation that I had been into. That’s

Yashwi Dalmia's Motivating Journey To NMIMS Mumbai

It’s that time of the year for all MBA Aspirants when their brain wires are the sharpest yet most entangled. Entangled? Yes, because ‘n’ number of questions cross the mind

The Strategic Approach Towards NMAT

With opportunities galore, NMIMS is one of the best things that has happened to me and many others. This time, last year, I too was in the same psychological and

One Stop Solution For NMAT-IIFT-XAT | Part 1 NMAT

As CAT draws closer, it is extremely important for aspirants to prepare for other tests that they have already registered for or plan to register. In past years, there have

Strategies To Ace NMAT

I know a lot of candidates already have butterflies in their stomachs since NMAT, the first MBA exam of this season is kicking off from today. I was also in