The non-IIM Top Indian Business Schools Alumni Report – Part 2 – FMCG & Consulting

2013 Update : Please find the Alumni Reports for 2013 here


We apologize for the delay in publishing this report. But better late than never!

We look at FMCG & Consulting today

Points to note before you read the report below :

1) This data has no Time filter unlike Part 1. It shows number of professionals on LinkedIn currently working at the below mentioned companies.

2)We have chalked up a list of 15 most desired FMCG and Consulting companies and mapped each of the 6 IIMs against each  of the 15 companies.

3)We got a lot of queries around the IT roles data depicting a skewed picture and hence wherever significant, we have filtered out IT related and HR/admin roles as much as possible. In spite of this, there will still be some amount of IT related roles hidden in the  Consulting data below. But the numbers are good to make a trend. Beyond this, no domain/function filtering has been done. So FMCG numbers include Corporate and Business Development, Commercial, Supply Chain and other such functions in the data below.

4)Please remember the data below is based on user generated data. Hence, it cannot be 100% accurate

5)It includes professionals who may have attended other programmes at these institutions. Not everyone, in the sample has attended the 2 yr flagship PGP programme. For e.g. it may even include someone who has done a 3 day certificate programme at any IIM.

6)It includes current PGP students who are undergoing summer internships and have updated their profile with the name of the organization they are interning in.

8)And finally, please note that the list below is NOT EXHAUSTIVE. Not everyone is on LinkedIn. This report just serves as a trend spotter at best. Team InsideIIM is not responsible for any career decisions taken solely on the basis of this report.


The tables above confirm the belief that FMCG companies prefer MBA graduates with lesser work experience. One glance at the ISB Hyderabad numbers above will tell you that.

While XLRI is expected to have good numbers across top organizations because of how old the institution is and the fact that it has the best HR Management course in the country, 2 organizations that really impress us are ISB Hyderabad in the Consulting domain and SPJIMR Mumbai for both Consulting and FMCG. SPJIMR Mumbai has always done things differently and they seem to have a strong relationship with certain companies which explain high number of SPJIMR alumni  in those companies.

ISB Hyderabad in the space of a decade  has carved out a place of its own in the Consulting industry. A lot of factors could be attributed to it but credit must be given where it is due. ISB Hyderabad is far ahead in Consulting than all other business schools in India apart from IIM ABC


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eagerly waiting for part 3 ,dat will help me decide between JBIMS nd IIM K , heard JB is too good for finance !


If you want a better placement please go ahead with JBIMS. The batch ratio is unreasonably skewed in favour of JBIMS when it comes to placements. Also, you will not spend over 100,000 for your 2 years where as IIM K will cost you at least 12 times more.

If you want brand IIM and a good campus life, go to Kerala! It will be naive to decide on the basis of these reports.

Utsav Patodia

The analysis is a little skewed because there is a comparison of alum strength of some really old schools with the relatively younger ones. Despite being just 17 years old, ISB’s consulting footprint is greater than XL, JB, FMS, and SP, which are some of the oldest schools in the country. Now that is dominance !