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In Conversation With Kunal Jeswani, CEO, Ogilvy India On The Skills Needed For Professional Success

I, Tanya Shridhar, bring to you an enriching conversation with Mr Kunal Jeswani, Chief Executive Officer, Ogilvy India. Mr Jeswani has worked with iconic companies such as Unilever, Mondelez, Vodafone,

Important Marketing Concepts You Must Know For Your MBA Interview

In your last leg of preparations towards your dream B-school, it is important to have some understanding about the various specializations to choose from. One of the most sought after

What to Do When Your Product Is a Taboo | Thoughts On Advertising

In a country where a baby is born in every 2 seconds, merely uttering the word 'Sex' is considered as a taboo. Often, Marketing and Advertising firms face this challenge

What Is Google AdWords And Why Should You Care About It?

I have been using the same mobile phone for the past 5 years. Needless to say, its time I switch to a new phone, this one will not let me

Emotions And Emoticons : A Marketer's Friend

‘They, just like words, can sometimes say a lot’

Should You Air Grievances Via Paid Ads? - Views From Prabhakar

A recent phenomenon with several large Indian promoters has been to air their grievances with paid ads in the Media. Whilst the best way to fight out a battle in

How PayTM Squeezed Free Publicity Using PM Modi - Strategy With RS

Recently, PayTM released front-page advertisement (referenced below) congratulating the honourable Prime Minister Sh. Narendra Modi on taking the boldest decision in the financial history of independent India!