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'SIBM Pune Making Strides In Addressing LGBT Diversity' - Samuel Pongen, SIBM Pune

LGBT diversity inclusion has become an important topic in recent years as it is becoming an asset for building corporate image and generating positive PR. SIBM Pune as an institute

MICA - A Reflection Of Our Nation’s Talent

Creativity is found in every corner of the country. And, across regions, future managers with a creative bent seem to find their way to MICA, a fact reflected in the

Often When We Refer To Diversity, We Simply Mean - 'Male Female Ratio'. We Are Missing The Bigger Picture.

Diversity is the new buzz word in HR these days. Over the last few years, companies are working hard to create and maintain diversity within their teams.

MICA welcomes Transgenders on Campus

After a recent SC ruling this April that recognises Transgenders as ‘third gender’, MICA has decided to include Transgenders in its application process, for its next academic year.

"Learning Mandarin will definitely help candidates in their job search in Hong Kong" - Interview with Chris Tsang - Executive Director of the HKUST MBA Program

The Financial Times global MBA rankings for 2013 are out, and the top ten is an elite club that includes a lone Asian member standing tall amidst the Harvards, Stanfords

Changes to the CAT (Common Admission Test) and Shortlisting Criteria - An Aspirant's suggestions

(This is a guest post. The writer is an aspirant who has suggestions that could be discussed by the business school community)

Prediction - 100 Women each in 4 IIMs for the Class of 2015

I am not being bold here. I am fairly confident it will happen. In fact, we can even predict which of the older 6 IIMs will have 100 women. It