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Cracking M&A Deals As An Investment Banker Can Be Demanding, Ft. Prof. Leonardo Etro

You must have wondered what is so fascinating about Mergers and Acquisitions after all? Whether it is the Elon Musk - Twitter deal, Facebook buying Instagram, Tatas acquiring Jaguar, or

Investment Banker & Equity Research Analyst Roles Simplified | MBA Career Guide, Ep 3

When we talk about finance roles, everyone pictures themselves as a part of becoming Wolf of the Wall Street and consider themselves as ones who add ‘power’ in powerful.

'I Nearly Failed A Subject At XLRI Jamshedpur' - Aditi Shukla, Ex-Investment Banker, Google

Curious about an investment banking interview? If you’re wondering what kind of questions you’ll get asked at an IB interview or questioning the shift to living alone during your b

How To Be An Investment Banker

Admit it. You think investment banking is a sexy career. Somewhere in the secret recesses of your heart, you nurture this dream of becoming a hot shot investment banker. You

Skills Required To Become An Investment Banker - A Guide By An IIM Bangalore Student

As the summer placement season approaches, many of you would be fantasizing about being an Investment Banker. We have all seen the money, cars, girls etc. in The Wolf of

"Put in efforts to build relationships" - Interview with Rahul Mallya - Investment Banker

Rahul Mallya in conversation with Prerna Lalwani on what he did differently - in his journey from BMS at NM College of Commerce & Economics to completing an MBA at IIFT

Investment Banking - InsideIIM Career Guide – Created by Kala Krishnan

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"To succeed you need to be a smart worker, not just a hard worker" - Interview with Ankur Bansal - Vice-President, BlackSoil

Kala Krishnan recently spoke to Ankur Bansal about investment banking and financial advisory,  skills needed to succeed in this industry and the future of boutique financial advisory firms in India