Colporter – The Homeland Peddle By The Marketing Committee Of IFMR

This year, as part of the flagship fest of IFMR ‘Abhyudaya’, Markaholic conducted a stirring marketing event called ‘Colporter – The Homeland Peddle’, which was sponsored by S&S Enterprises, Teynampet, and Interview Buddy. The theme of the fest was Mélange- Celebrating Differences, and the idea was incorporated in the various rounds.

The teams of 3 had to beat an online quiz in order to make it to the main event. Out of the 78 registered teams, 8 teams were selected to battle it out in the on-campus rounds. There were teams from XIME-Bangalore, Great Lakes-Chennai, Wellingkar-Mumbai etc.

The stage was set and the hopefuls were ready, as the day dawned on 9th February 2017. The event was held in a span of two days and made the marketing enthusiasts resuscitate their marketing concepts while testing their creativity.

The first round ‘Anamnesis’ was a case study presentation, wherein the teams were given a challenging case of Rural Marketing. The teams analyzed the case and presented a detailed presentation highlighting their inference and recommendation. The round was judged and evaluated by two renowned marketing professors from IFMR – Prof. Amar Saxena & Prof. Rajagopalan.

‘Récupérez Vous’, the second round of Colporter – a Midnight round, happened at 12 A.M. on 10th Feb. It was based on the movie ‘The Prestige’ by Christopher Nolan. It also incorporated the theme of Mélange, wherein the participants were taken on a magical journey to an imaginary planet in the parallel universe called Vilambio (Name derived from the Tamil word Vilambaram, which means advertisement) and the people of the planet (Vilambians) were primarily in the Advertisement Industry.

The round had 3 parts or acts The Pledge, The Turn, and The Prestige. The teams were divided into Elites, the corporate giants, and M(AD) men, the advertising agencies, based on their performance in the first act. The teams had to come up with a striking elevator pitch and a surrogate marketing advertisement in the next two parts, respectively. The entire round was scored based on peer evaluation, staying true to its title – Récupérez Vous i.e., ‘Redeem Yourself!’

The third and final round “Roiel’ Estrondo” consisted of two parts. The first part was a Relay – Treasure hunt which tested the selling ability of the participants, to obtain clues that directed them to the respective target country, marketing strategy and competing for a brand. The second part was about how creatively the teams position the brand in the particular foreign country, using the specific marketing strategy. The 8 teams were divided into 4 pairs. The two teams within a pair were given the same target country and marketing strategy, but competing brands. The two teams then faced it off over how creatively they are able to promote their brand and have an edge over their competitor. All the teams gave a remarkable competition to each other. This round was judged by Prof. Rajagopal and Mr. Padmanabhan, India practice Head of Corporate Strategy, Hewlett Packard.

The scores from the three rounds were cumulated and the team from XIME – Bangalore emerged as the champions of Colporter with their consistent performance and creativity, the second place was bagged by the team from Great Lakes, Chennai. The team from IIT Madras was given the third prize for their notable performance.

The participants thoroughly enjoyed the events and gave us the following feedback.

Markaholic-the Marketing Committee of IFMR



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