InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Results – Part V – Most Preferred General Management Roles and Dream Companies!

This is the fifth and the final part of the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey Results. We look at the idea of Dream companies here.

You can read all the previous parts of the IRS Results here : The InsideIIM Recruitment Survey)

First , let’s look at the most preferred companies in the General Management domain



As is clearly visible, TAS is a solid brand and other roles do not come even close with regards to the popularity and scores in our survey. It is a brand built over the years with excellent feedback passed down from one batch to another. Aditya Birla Group probably scores lower among aspirants and 1st year students because of lack of awareness as they visit fewer campuses. Hyundai is popular among alumni. Again because the leadership programme is offered in few campuses in India.


Dream Companies

All the current students and aspirants in our sample of respondents were asked the following question:

Please mention your 5 Dream companies (They could be in only one domain or across domains) – Please Type your answer.

We again revert to the Word Tag Cloud format to represent this for both the segments


MBA Aspirants and 1st Year MBA Students (Class of 2014)


Top 5

Mckinsey : 1200

BCG : 1160

HUL : 1150

TAS : 1140

Procter & Gamble : 930


Class of 2013

Top 5

HUL – 970

Procter & Gamble – 790

BCG – 680

Mckinsey – 650

TAS – 600



Surprisingly, the top 5 remain the same for both the segments with a few shifts of ranks within them. Most importantly, not a single Banking & Finance company makes it to the top 5. Goldman Sachs & Deutsche Bank are the highest ranked Finance companies but are significantly behind the top 5.



Over 1200 respondents took the survey online. Incomplete surveys were filtered out.  Duplicate surveys were not accounted for. Adequate steps were taken to prevent ballot stuffing and rigging using technology.

The above findings are based on 700 legitimate respondents  with 70% of the respondents in 10 major cities in India . They answered between 25-30 questions based on their profile (Aspirant, Student or Alumni). The relevant questions have been mentioned above for each of the parameters addressed in this part.


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