You know you are at HELL when…

“Chal peene” are your favorite two words. So much so, that you say it every time you get screwed in a test or a presentation. Basically, everyday
In case you are an engineer, when you got admission your friends were most excited about the awesome DU girls you will get to meet.
You love to move about in IIM-L Tshirts, Sweat shirts etc. You have such a huge collection that you hardly have any other clothes.
In case you came into IIM-L single, you are still single.
If you were committed when you came to IIM-L, you are still committed but the object (guy/girl) has changed.
In the first year, you felt the whole Internet, infrastructure, mess and the entire system sucks. When you entered the second year, you realized that status quo is the best way to move forward.
You hate the PGP office with more vengeance than Thakur hated Gabbar or Harry hated Voldemort.
You have spammed more than once in your life. And have also shown disgust at somebody else’s spam.
You free-ride most of the time and yet bitch about other people in the group freeriding.
You are convinced that Not Just Tea’s food is much better than GNB’s andGNB inflates canteen bills. Or Vice Versa.  Although there is no evidence to prove the same.
You realize some things need to be changed. But when they do, you create a furore and dare the person who changed them.
You have not seen the cover of most of the books of the subject you have already passed with a decent grade.
Your favourite game is “Candy Crush Saga”.
You participate in every damn college competition. Even if it is an operations or an HR game and you are a hardcore finance person.
You do social work to build up CV points. In fact, you believe that the very reason for human existence is “collection of CV points”.
You are an absolute stud at Googling and can unearth reports from Scribd, Management Paradise etc on any topic without even batting an eyelid. Also, you know how to fool Turnitin.
You are terrified of QAM-3 even though you had aced the very same concepts during engineering.
Your most often visited websites are Wikipedia, SlideShare and Facebook.
You feel that Gupta Ji is the most important person on campus, particularly at the end of a grueling week.
No matter how busy you are, you will definitely find time to read such silly attempts of your batch-mates.
This article is written by Mayank Lodha, an IIM Lucknow alumnus, from the batch of 2014. An avid blogger and writer in the humour genre on campus, he is currently making PPT’s for a living as an Associate Consultant at Feedback Infra, Delhi.

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