5 Tips To Perfectly Clean Your Car’s Interior

Cars have become such an integral part of our lives. After all, many of us spend a huge amount of time in their vehicles. Whether you go on a travelling expedition, commute back and forth to work or simply go on a long drive to Never land, cars will always be of significance in your life.  And, if you are one those legendary people that virtually live in your car due to a ‘happening’ gypsy schedule, you must be familiar with how dirty your car can get after all the travelling. It is not just a matter of pride, but from the health perspective, too, dirty cars need some hosing down. Follow along, while we showcase, some slick tricks to perfectly clean automotive interiors. Keep your Car Interior like as new, follow some simple steps.

  1. Leather Interiors

Car leather is a very delicate material, thus, it behooves you to only use a quality product specially chosen for wiping clean leather seats. You could make use of leather care products that make the leather shiny and slippery. For best results, it is advisable to test a product in a small area and then go ahead if you like it. Instead of using paper towels on leather use a soft clean cotton towel since paper towels are prone to giving off scratches. We all know that leather interior colors are custom dyed to match the rest of the interior get up. So, be careful when cleaning up your car’s interiors. Remember, leather requires special conditioners and cleaners to keep it soft and supple. And, if the leather is showing any ‘cracks’ or is seeming as if it were going to wear out soon, then perhaps the time is ripe for getting some new seat covers.

  1. Steering Wheel

Mostly, steering wheels have a leather coating that is wrapped around them giving it a slick finish and super outlook. With the passage of time, the dye of the leather is worn through in spots and the wheel gets quite dirty. Since the leather is sewn onto the steering wheel, it is very pertinent to not damage the intricate threads as the outer covering has chances of coming off. You can purchase a car polish online from brands such 3M, Euro Gold, Carnauba, etc. as to wipe clean the steering wheel to the brim instantly.

  1. Carpet

An untidy carpet can never gel with an otherwise clean interior. It is equally important to remove spots and stains off your carpets. Very delicately vacuum the carpet to contain all the loose dirt and food leftovers such as French fries. Spray the spots with the stain lifter. You’ll want to really soak them and then scrub them off with the dirtiest spots with a plastic bristle brush. You might have to repeat the application on those stubborn, hard-to-remove spots. Once you are done, clean the carpet just like you cleaned the upholstery and fabric seats.

Even a laundry detergent solution can work equally efficiently on the carpet. However, make it a point to refrain from soaking the carpet with too much water as there are possibilities that it may cause corrosion and mold smell under the carpet. If ever that happens, try to dry it out as soon as possible.

  1. Cloth Seats

Cleaning cloth seats is very similar to cleaning carpets, in so far as cleaning nature is concerned. All you have to do is to vacuum out all the loose debris and dirt. Make it a point not to scrub any abrasive particles that are embedded. Also, abstain from ruining the cloth, inadvertently. Then, use a spray cleaner for foaming interior on the seats. Next, wipe off the seats with a wet sponge. Once you are finished, use a soft clean cloth to wipe out any residue. Lastly, allow your seats to dry.

  1. Cleaning the dashboard

To clean the area around the dashboard, such as center console or other plastic parts, use a partly moist clean cloth. Subsequently, make use of a very small pinch of laundry detergent powder to wipe clean the stains. Once you are done, dry with a soft and clean dry cloth. Make use of a car interior polish by spraying it over interior plastic and dashboard to make it shiny. Evenly spread the polish with a soft brush to make its impact long lasting. Remember, you don’t have to spray directly on electrical parts such as the stereo, you could instead make use of a brush.

  1. Spraying Windows

Last but not the least, carefully rinse and clean all the windows from the outside as well as the inside by using a sprayer or a hose pipe. For this task, a glass-cleaning towel or window-cleaning spray will pass muster. Just be extra careful when you are cleaning your car’s rear window from the inside as the heating lines of the defogger grid get damaged easily. If you are using a cloth, use a motion that is parallel to defogger lines.To get the best results with your car polish, you can count on trusted and reliable brands such as 3M, Euro Gold, Carnauba, amongst others.



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