50 Things You Must Know About IIM


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Agree on most

30 Apr, 2011 |

Hemant Shrivastava

Candid: gems of wisdom and highly recommend for those gunning for IIM seat.

30 Apr, 2011 |


Hey doshi Nice post..u might want to pick up 10 points from this list and elaborate them..would love to read some of the points in a more detailed description

1 May, 2011 |


Very true. Each and every point is bang on target. BTW all points are true for other "premiere" B-Schools too.

1 May, 2011 |

Ankit Dasgupta

Thanks for your insights!

2 May, 2011 |

Akash Kumar

It would be great if you could leave your attention-grabing opinion inave bside your living room. I am proud to have been a part of the institution that IIMs are. If there are so many flaws within the system (which you believe you have identified correctly) I wonder why you completed our MBA in the first place. Anyway - from whatever I can guess about you as an individual, it is unlikely that you will allow this comment to be featured on your post - I rest my case!

2 May, 2011 |

+Read Replies (1)


his post is 100% true.. any IIM guy wud agree with him :)

27 Nov, 2011 |


A perfect example of communication skills as so many positives are made to look negatives... Loved it though... Brought back so many examples...

2 May, 2011 |


A lot of positives are missing and negatives are hyped. sad to see this article. Anyways its an individual opinion

3 May, 2011 |


Anil, Sanyam and Akash, could you please demarcate the positive and the negative points given in the post above. The author has unequivocally stated his feelings about the IIMs, these contain both some complaints and also a good outline of the opportunities available. Now, could you guys please put your opinions/views/counter-views here, up for open debate?

3 May, 2011 |

Saurabh Kumar

Hi most of the things are true for premier B-'sch6ools like IIMs but not for FMS. FMS is very different.

3 May, 2011 |

Kavya Sarangan

It's nice that you have penned these down. They make a great read.

3 May, 2011 |

Anupam Singh

Very thought provoking!

5 May, 2011 |

akanksha w

i dont agree on the quality of prof's. the profs in my IIM are a delight to just listen; and the passion with which they teach you along with the quality of interaction outside the class is just awesome. also IIM is a good experience; even if you dont know what you wanna do in your life it definately makes u reinvent yourself as a person.

5 May, 2011 |

Avik Saha

Like it!

6 May, 2011 |

Charan Iyengar

Like any college, you will find good and bad professors both, just like you find good and not-so-good (read: academically) students. So the quality of interaction is subjective and hence people prefer to study/teach at IIMs to ensure that the chances of getting shitty interaction is minimal. Also, this is the problem of the perception of MBA. We do an MBA because we are simply clueless in life. Rather MBA should be taken up by people who have seen various aspects of life and know what they want to do with life.

7 May, 2011 |


I loved the point at 12. "It is still ABC and the rest."

9 May, 2011 |


Points 21 and 43 are awesome! :) Kinda agree with almost everything posted here...

11 May, 2011 |

Ameet Sandy

Good Work Doshi...worth a read!

14 May, 2011 |


39) No one has a clue what they want to do with their life. Most just pretend that they know Wow... I luv dis one!! :P

18 May, 2011 |


love the last point... so so true...

1 Jun, 2011 |

praneeth dixit

particularly liked 25 n 35, others are too funny to be ignored.

1 Jul, 2011 |



8 Oct, 2011 |


Great post..Thanks for sharing!

7 Nov, 2011 |

rahul soni

brilliant post man....... "batch of 2009 and 2010 are the most unfortunate".... indeed, tell me about it......

9 Nov, 2011 |

Rakesh S

Good one, but halfway through the list, I was assured that you aren't from A. Cheers.

16 Nov, 2011 |

Rahul Yelisetti

Unverified CV point in the signature...Did your placecom approve this point? And how could it be exact 500? The probability of it being an exactly round number is less than the probability of getting into McKinsey...

16 Nov, 2011 |

+Read Replies (2)

Aap Dude hai

This "leading 500 ppl" is smthing he wld have used in interviews to sail through...everyone knows there are more than 50 ppl involved in any fest to manage(not lead) 500 ppl

20 Jan, 2012 |


Go do some research about Umang - NM College boss.... It is a BIG deal to be CP at Umang..It is one of the biggest things to be not only at NM but also in Mumbai

20 Jan, 2012 |

Abhi Dasgupta

Not sure about the very first point though; from where I stand, left-right-front-back, an IIM Admit does look like a ticket to happiness. At least that is what the alums say and it shows. Most of us present here will pass out with a salary and life we could never dream of in college or school.

16 Nov, 2011 |


This is what happens when you go with *lot of expectations rather than accepting the fact.

16 Nov, 2011 |


almost agree

18 Nov, 2011 |


I agree. And coming from IIT Kharagpur, I can't agree more.

19 Nov, 2011 |


I guess one would understand them better by actually being in an IIM. Nevertheless, nice to know.

22 Nov, 2011 |


What is globing??

7 Dec, 2011 |


that's why a lot of people go in for GRE or GMAT =).....or they used to before recession II

11 Dec, 2011 |

Paras Doshi

Thank you for getting it out as a blog post! Very helpful.

20 Jan, 2012 |

Your batchmate

@Rahul Soni - Unlucky to be part of the 2009/10 batch. I guess your OBC certificate still more than compensates for this loss of luck ;)

20 Jan, 2012 |


51. There are always few people who cant see things right

21 Apr, 2012 |


"Higher the degree of honesty,more the chances of you getting into trouble.."" ...somewhere unconvinced and disheartened on this point...

21 Sep, 2012 |


point 39 is the best !!!

25 Oct, 2012 |


Nice post man ! I think this is not new, every system has some flaws and I am sure most of us will agree that IIMs are the best place to get bigger opportunities in India, though it will be individual's perception whether the opportunity is good for him; But surely one of the best one can get in India. No institute can help you become entrepreneur, thats the bottom line. :-)

1 Jan, 2013 |


What a stupid article ....99 Percent of the junta qould like to swap places with you...for what? pay 15 lac fee and then earn a meagre peanuts? 8-10 lacs? thats an IIM? India is a poor country you dont need to be under a 15 lac debt and end up paying 20k-30k EMI per month from your peanut salary of 60k....I suppose its better to be an engineer from the top 10 colelges of the country and pay <5 lacs for your graduation and still end up earning more than an IIM guy ..IIMs are not even known anywhere outside of india ..the thing you guys are running after like rats really are not worth it..It would be better if you do an MBA in Dubai or the middle east rather than doing an MBA from India ..hell ..even any MS from dubai/Canada from a below average university will have a better ROI than you so called..Media hyped IIM...bunch of rubbish..(except ABC)

2 May, 2013 |

Surbhi Sharma

Similar is the buzz abt IITs but no matter what these instis will always be dream clgs.

2 Aug, 2013 |

Rahul Goyal

Hey Ankit, Superb! Loved it...but can you please explain the below point: "Higher the degree of honesty, greater the chances of you being in trouble"... I am one of those who believes in being very honest. Its somehow difficult to digest for me.Please explain your point.

6 Mar, 2014 |

Darshan Rao

Brilliantly written Ankit! :-)

11 Oct, 2017 |