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Tanmoy Shaw

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PGDM 2018-2020 NMIMS Bangalore

PGDM 2018-2020 NMIMS Bangalore

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"How you overcame challenges to achieve your ambitions so far"- Tanmoy Shaw, NMIMS Bangalore

If something is constant in life it is change. Everyone of us have faced situations which has crippled our thoughts and have made us think rationally to get out of the situation or rather leave or give up. But, the person who survives and keeps on trying unleashes the best

"Why Aditya Birla Group is big in your Life?"

The Aditya Birla group truly represents the culture, diversity, values and ethics of our great nation and is a wonderful ambassador of India within and on the global stage. It makes me say so due to the reach and value of products that they have come up with, to solve

The Summer Of Implementation - Internship At Kalpataru

A summer internship lets an individual explore the real-life challenges that we learn during our MBA programme. The engagement with industry during our internship also helps us in learning about different roles across divisions of management. In this series of ‘MBA Internship Experience 2019’, it brings experiences of students of