A Day In The Life Of An XIMB Student

Holding my coffee mug, sipping my occasional caffeine requirement and comfortably sinking into my bean bag, when I look back at my recently bygone 3 months, it was undoubtedly a hell of a ride! From the lowest of lows to the highest of highs, from those depressing marks to the amusing lively parties, making way through classes and ‘I can’t keep a count’ number of meetings, juggling between the committee works with a special privilege for the Placecom, slipping into the formal shoes, being suit up and attending the mandatory sessions where actually anything and everything becomes mandatory, living through the gossips, soggy mumblings and igniting laughter of your friends over a cup of chai or any preferred drink – I have seen it all.

I vividly remember the day, my parents left me in the hostel post registration, bidding adieus. It was my first time ever staying away from them, away from the comforts of my home and consequently the first time I realised those values, those people and that feeling of love and protection; I had easily taken for granted.

Hailing from a premier government engineering college of Odisha, the winter of the pre-final year was the auspicious moment I decided to pursue MBA after engineering. And then began my aptitude and verbal exercises, anywhere and everywhere. After all those exams, travelling and attending interviews and finally converting a few, I chose the premier Xavier’s Institute of Management to be the one. Being from Bhubaneswar was an added brownie point.

And thus started my b-school journey, with 22 years of life experience and an absolute zero of work ex and hostel life. The first-week post orientations and talks were hectic, with minimal sleep and almost no clue of what is happening all around. Occasional panicking became quite normal back then. Days down the lane, today I realise, being baffled, excited yet anxious and worrying before every meet and exam are pretty much normal symptoms of an MBA life. These are the ripples in a riptide and will definitely calm down to a cheerful tomorrow. Hence sit back and relax.

A day in XIMB would typically start with a cup of tea and the crisp fresh “Business Standard”- trying hard to absorb the jargons of the business world. This would be followed by a quick bath, racing down to the mess to grab your breakfast, glancing through your timetable screenshot and reaching your class just in time, cause a delay by a minute is usually greeted with ‘ no attendance’. Slogging through lectures, browsing through case studies, social media and checking your mails you realise there is an assignment to be submitted followed by a quiz in the morning. You somehow manage to subdue your panic and chalk out your schedule and then another dreadful notification pops- a mandatory meet in the evening!

Yet attending everything you somehow manage to adhere to the infamous 11:59:59 pm auspicious deadline and barge out to a birthday celebration of your batchmate. Cake smashing on face, some warm hugs and warmer kicks and a cheerful chaos – the celebration brings along a smile on everyone’s face. Then back in the room starts your morning quiz preparations and your section WhatsApp group becomes the most active spot with the nerdy topper coming to your rescue. When all the jobs of your to-do list get checked, you call it a day and resort to your bed.

The b-school will be a place with ‘n’ number of quizzes, exams, classes and assignments and with a (n+1) number of parties to attend and relax. It will offer you a plethora of opportunities ranging from your dream investment bank to the largest FMCG of India – you will find it all. With such opportunities, committees, extra-curricular, competitions, academics, parties and interactions, you will find people rushing into everything because of the excitement and the adrenaline rush – choose your domain wisely and be yourself.

Be it to excel in academics, competitions, summer placements or even socialising, the talisman remains the same- prioritise your work, be yourself and relax; everything will fall into its place.

At the end of 2 years, you would realise how efficiently your every minute was put into utilisation, you will have a mosaic of memories to cherish upon, a gang of friends to laugh with, an amazing and everlasting bond with your seniors and the talented peer and finally emerge as a better and focused manager. At the end, you will definitely get what you deserve, not an ounce less, not an ounce more. This rollercoaster is a ride worth it, enjoy the thrill and ace it at your pace! All the best!

Sthitipragyan Sahoo

BM First Year

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar

Xavier Institute of Management Bhubaneswar

Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubhaneswar is one of the most coveted B-schools in India. Established in the year 1987, XIMB is known for quality education in the field of Management and creation of future entrepreneurs. XIMB offers to its students three prestigious programmes; Business Management, Global MBA and Executive-MBA. 30 years and still going strong, XIMB strives to achieve its mission of making managers with a human face.