InsideIIM’s Most Read Stories – January To April (2018)

At InsideIIM, we create and receive some of the most engaging articles that highlight the inspiring experiences of those who are in business schools, and those who are getting there.

We have stories of people who have travelled to other cities at 4 AM in the morning to attend coaching classes and those who have prepared for 5 years to get into an excellent management institute such as JBIMS.

We have received over 7000 stories and counting, all of them with a different story to tell. But amongst these stories, a few have stood out as exceptional.

Here, we bring to you these exceptional stories that we have received in the months of January to April:

InsideIIM Community:

In January 2018, we launched the InsideIIM Community Section, a forum for all MBA aspirants, students and alumni to ask their questions and answer hundreds of questions posed by our eager users.

Some of the most popular threads there are:

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Our Most Popular Articles:

  • All You Need To Know About Form 16:
    InsideIIM’s evergreen post!
    The most popular post ever since it was published on our platform. A must-read for everyone.
  • India’s Most Desirable B-Schools – InsideIIM User Rankings:
    InsideIIM’s first venture into ranking B-Schools based entirely on how YOU perceive a particular B-School brand. Check it out!
  • Ramraj Nagar’s Interview Experience – FMS Delhi:
    Ramraj Nagar has turned out to be someone who has calls from every top management institute you can think of! At 99.44 percentile, here is the future IIM Lucknow student’s detailed interview transcript at The Faculty of Management Studies, Delhi.
  • IIM A vs FMS vs IIM B vs IIM C – A Comparative Guide:
    The top management institutes of the country and the dream institutes for each and every CAT aspirant. So how are they different and why are they so good?
    Find out in this article!
  • 6 Must Read Books Before MBA:
    Here are some book recommendations from an IMT Ghaziabad graduate. We’ve read some of these, and they are amazing. You have a look too!
  • NIRF Rankings – How Reliable Are They?
    Are the MHRD Rankings reliable? Does it bring out the real picture of MBA rankings? What do IIM graduates have to say about this? Find out in this article!
  • NITIE – A Gem For GEMs:
    Getting selected for an MBA college is said to be a Herculean task for most General Engineering Males, a.k.a., GEMs. So what do they do?
    Enter, NITIE, a knight in shining armour for them; a gem for GEMs. The comments alone on this article reflect how well written this piece is. Read it now!
  • IIM Calcutta Interview Experience 2018:
    What happened in a 2018 IIM Calcutta interview? What kind of questions were asked? How did this aspirant answer them? Find out in this write-up!
  • The Universe Falls In Love With A Stubborn Heart:
    This was originally an entry for the InsideIIM iART Programme but turned out to be one of the most popular pieces of 2018!
    So if you’re a CAT aspirant, here is a dose of motivation from Medha Gupta, an iART member and a great writer.
  • The Most Preferred General Management Recruiters – InsideIIM Recruitment Survey:
    Every year, our team conducts the InsideIIM Recruitment Survey, where we bring out the names of the most desirable companies to work for.
    In this report, we cover the General Management roles offered by huge brands such as Aditya Birla Group, TAS, Mahindra and Mahindra, and many more!
    With brands such as Unilever sharing our reports on their official social media pages, you can be sure of the credibility and quality of the reports. Check it out here!
  • A Take On The FMS Selection Process – 2018:
    What has been the experience of a current IIM Lucknow student during the FMS selection process? Here, Devanshu shares some of his FMS selection process experiences. Read it here!
  • IMT Ghaziabad vs XIMB vs SCMHRD – A Comparative Guide:
    What do you do when you don’t get into an IIM? You think your  MBA dreams end there?
    Think again! These top management institutes may not be WIMWI, but they are still some of the most reputed institutes that will help you achieve your career dreams. So how can we compare the three? Find out in this guide!

InsideIIM Kampus Karavan:

The InsideIIM – Konversations team launched the Kampus Karavan, where we go to different campuses of top business schools to capture the stories of the students there. From someone who got over his fear of public speaking to another who came from a village in Rajasthan to JBIMS Mumbai, these stories will leave you inspired and with a wide smile.

Here are the most popular videos from Kampus Karavan:

Placement Reports:

  1. IIM Ahmedabad
  2. NITIE – Final Placements
  3. XIMB – Summer Placements
  4. IIM Indore – Final Placements
  5. TISS Mumbai – Final Placements
  6. IIM Visakhapatnam – Final Placements
  7. FMS Delhi – Final Placements
  8. MDI Gurgaon – Final Placements

We hope you enjoy reading all of these articles and watching all of these videos.

If you have your own favourites, please do let us know in the comments below!

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