NITIE Interview Experience – Krishna Chetty

It was 27th March 2018, and I went to Mumbai from Chennai for my NITIE interview.  My interview was to be held in the afternoon at the campus itself.  I reached the campus by 1 pm.  The campus was one of the most beautiful ones I’ve ever seen.  It was filled with greenery and couple that with a beautiful pond and a hilly terrain, you’ve got yourself the most peaceful and serene campus.  The academic building, in which the interview was going to take place, sat atop a hill inside the campus.  One of the ways to reach it is the famed ’96 steps’, surely a daily morning workout to reach the class.

The first part of the process was GD.  The topic for my GD was ‘Are Government jobs the first priority for Indians’.  I felt very comfortable with this topic and had some valid points to talk about. Now, the next step was to mention them and drive the discussion.  The GD went around the reasons for picking up a Government job like the security of a job, job perks and also talked about the possibility of corruption.  There was also a lot of discussion of private jobs, the possibility of having a rapid career growth, improving one’s skillset tremendously, etc.  I spoke for 5-6 times and took the lead in the discussion many a time.  I was pretty satisfied with the GD, and next was the interview round.

The interview panel consisted of 3 professors, two male, and one female. I read about various interview experiences of NITIE and the fact that the college accepts only engineers, I expected a lot of questions on my engineering background.  The interview started pretty smoothly, revolving around personal questions like where I was from, my college background and my work experience. As I had three years of work experience in a manufacturing firm, many questions were asked about my work experience; I was asked to explain the various points in my resume. I had examples to defend my points which helped me to be more convincing.  Then, one of the professors asked me what were my favourite subjects in my mechanical engineering course.  This was the opportunity I was waiting for, and I told him my favourite subject in manufacturing, rapid prototyping, i.e., 3D printing.  I was immediately asked many questions on 3D printing. I was asked what 3D printing was, how the objects are 3D printed, the various parameters affecting the process and their relative significance, the different 3D printing techniques, and their applications.  I was able to answer every single question of his with considerable confidence, and I believe that this impressed him.  The final question was the typical ‘Why MBA?’ question.  I laid out my interests, my short term, and long term goals clearly and stated the purpose of choosing NITIE. I connected my interests in mechanical, manufacturing background, and operations to the Industrial Management course at NITIE.  I had gone over this question numerous times, and I was pretty satisfied with my answer.

Overall, the interview went pretty good, and I was happy with my interview. When results were announced, I was offered a seat.  It felt great coming back to my favourite city in India, Mumbai, for studies. I couldn’t wait to see what NITIE has in store for me and now, I am glad that NITIE happened.


Krishna Chetty

Batch of 2018-2020

NITIE, Mumbai

NITIE Mumbai (Since 1963)

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