Paterson Securities – Two Month Journey Beyond Expectations – Sagar Patil, IFMR

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Yes, you read it right. This was the first-day lesson at Paterson Securities, Chennai. You can’t get core finance internship like this where you get to learn Fundamental Analysis, Technical Analysis and Futures and Options strategies. This is not about theoretical learning but the practical exposure of F&O strategies.

The project that I was assigned, involved Pattern recognition & Strategy testing on Historical data and Study of the application of AI in the financial market. Before joining, our mentors Mr. Sathyanarayanan and Mr. Shridhar had given us a list of topic to go through and get acquainted with the subject. Upon joining, we were exposed to basic of derivatives, basic as well as advanced F&O strategies and their payoffs diagrams. We had learned Iron Condor, Butterfly, Straddle, Strangle, Calendar spread etc. strategies and these strategies we backtested on historical data. Volatility was closely studied to identify recurring patterns which could be exploited to make profits for the investor based on his/her risk-taking propensity. Based on pattern identified from historical data, a calculator was developed which will provide the user with a probability of profit, loss, breakeven and associated seasonal probability. It also gives an estimated payoff for a defined interval above and below the break-even point.

A price prediction calculator was developed based on historical pivot point calculations and their probabilities. It gives the user high and low targets for next month based on previous months’ high, low and close which serve as inputs for the calculator.

The Project also involved a study on how Artificial Intelligence especially machine learning techniques which are used in financial markets. These techniques are being used in fraud detection, client interaction, and credit scoring applications by helping to make more informed and better decisions possible. These techniques have enormous potential to impact and revolutionize the landscape of the financial industry.

I was blessed to have the best possible mentorship and guidance at each stage of my summer internship. My mentors were very kind enough to take out time from his busy schedule and taught me F&O Strategies. Both made sure that I made the most of this internship and guided me in every possible way to gradually understand the various concepts with real-life examples. They also periodically reviewed my work and gave me critical inputs on how I could improve and add value to my work. Working with oldest stockbroking firm was an enriching experience and I got a chance to interact with top-level financial minds.

Along with the project, the trading experience was like Icing on the cake. Sometimes I made a profit and sometimes loss but this was just beginning because an Active trader should have an opportunist view rather than a Bearish or Bullish view. The two-month stay at Paterson Securities in Chennai was filled with unforgettable memories.




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Sagar Patil

“Second-year Finance enthusiast student pursuing MBA at Institute for Financial Management & Research (IFMR)”


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